Sunday, February 26, 2012

Color Blocking

If you have not caught on to the color blocking trend in the last year then you must have been locked away in some dungeon of dowdiness where Vogue is strictly prohibited and you receive forty lashes (with a whip, not extensions) for even uttering the word "runway".

For those who have been in fashion lockup color blocking is, simply put, wearing blocks of color.  Most traditionally people tend to gravitate towards blocking opposites on the color wheel, or complimentary colors.  We are totally loving the pairing of analogous colors, or colors that are close on the color wheel-  particularly red with orange or pink.  Combining bold solid colors is an easy way to make simple dressing chic.  To avoid looking like a Rubik's cube, limit your color combos to  a maximum of three colors and wear neutral accessories.

We have used a fab ruched skirt from the Rogue Vintage collection to create three very simple but powerful looks.  These looks can take you from dinner to dancing to drinks with the girls.  Since we all love to get a bang for our buck we have used complimentary pieces from Forever 21. 

Forever 21 Coral Short Sleeve Lace Tee $14.80
Forever 21  Cap Sleeve Fuchsia Blouse  $17.80
Forever 21  Career Jacket in Orange $27.80

With the grand total of all three looks coming in under $175 you will still have cash for fun jewels or another round with the girls!  Take your pick.

Peach Martini   Complimentary, if you know how to work it.

We hope that you have all had a great weekend!  Don't forget to watch the Oscars tonight.  We will certainly be glued to our sofas with champagne in hand.

Till Next Time,
Tricia and Jennings

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

Happy Heart Day

Here's hoping your day is filled with love, laughter, and chocolate!

Till Next Time,
Jennings and Tricia

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Aquarius Style: Amiable

This month's Aquarius is the zodiac sign of friendship and humanity.  Born January 21st to February 19th, she is your BFF, the girl next door, and a huge hit on Facebook! An animal lover and defender of the underdog Aquarius is forever interested in making the world a better place.  The most forward thinking of the zodiacs, she can rock an ultra modern style with a bend toward the futuristic.  Never one for extravagance, Aquarius likes one-of-a-kind items and often shops for clothes at vintage shops and flea markets.

AQUARIUS SYMBOL:  The Water Bearer
GEMSTONE:  Amethyst
LOOK:  Bohemian BFF
BEST COLORS:  Light blue, violet, emerald green, and black
FABRIC:  Denim
STYLE STAPLES:  Denim jackets, halter dresses, bohemian maxi dresses, t shirts, cargo pants
STEP IT UP:  Geometric jewelry, asymmetrical cuts, mod looks, latest denim trend, Grecian goddess dresses
DIAL IT DOWN:  Punk styles, fur, poufy skirts, anything tested on animals

*For more on your zodiac style visit My Lifetime

With Aquarius being the zodiac's humanitarian, she loves a company with a cause.  Not only is our green emerald maxi dress the right shade, it has been given a new life through eco-friendly fashion recycling.  Literally, a GREEN dress to envy.


Lady Aquarius is not afraid to make a statement with her hairstyle, taking cue from famous hair icon and fellow Aquarian Jennifer Aniston, born February 11th.  *Photos courtesy of Elle Magazine

 Keep those gorgeous tresses sleek and sophisticated by styling with a colorful zodiac scarf.

Most closely associated with its figural depiction of water, Aquarius favors shades of green and blue.  Try a pop of color on your nails with shades from Essie and Dior.  Oh, and did we mention that the limited edition Dior smells like roses when it dries?  Yep, we bought it. Didn't hesitate!

Nothing says Aquarius like water so we will leave you with a picture from Wrightsville Beach last week.  Sunny and 70- not a bad way to end January!

What can we say?  Life in Wilmington is rough!

Till Next Time,
Tricia and Jennings