Saturday, May 19, 2012

Taurus Style: Timeless Classic

This month's Taurus is the epitome of simple elegance.  The second sign of the zodiac is thoughtful and gracious, the true picture of good etiquette.  Born April 20th to May 20th,  Lady Bull always looks best in clean polished pieces.  Her best plan of attack is to pick a single solid colored piece with one striking cut or detail.  "Less is more" are truly words to live by in this House.

GEMSTONE:  Emerald
LOOK:  Timeless Classic
BEST COLORS:  Green, black, white
FABRICS:  Wool, jersey, leather
STYLE STAPLES:  Ballet flats, pencil skirts, turtlenecks
STEP IT UP:  Dresses with thigh high slits, cigarette pants. leather bomber
DIAL IT DOWN:  Bright colors, wild make up, denim

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When "timeless classic" is mentioned, there is a 99.999% chance that an image of Audrey Hepburn comes to mind.  The iconic wearer of the LBD could likewise rock a black t-neck and pony tail like nobody's business.

Her streamlined silhouettes defined effortless chic.

Even her hair and make-up were simple but flawless.

And you just can't do a post including Audrey without at shot of  THE most recognizable LBD in fashion and cinematic history.

In March we were very eager participants in the Mad Men Event hosted by Jess James of Fashion Fix and Cape Fear Land Rover.  For the event I purchased a fab black dress with a high side slit and ruffle.  It was AWESOME.   I went to Blush Haus of Beaute' for hair and make up before the event.  I didn't tell Rachel or Steven what my dress looked like, just that we were going to a 60s event.  I must have been channeling some major Holly Golightly energy because I ended up with the perfect hair and make up for my dress.  I am just so supremely ticked that I missed by opportunity to wear a tiara in public without looking a fool!  C'est la vie.  We had a great time and I think that my look was a testament to timeless classic Audrey/Taurus style.

And to wrap it up a few Rogue Vintage Audrey inspired pieces.

And for the Taurus girl who wants people to know her sign....

Till Next Time,
Tricia and Jennings