Friday, January 23, 2015

Bulluck's Winter Sale

Ever heard of Bulluck's lamp sale?   My mom and aunt have been going to this event for YEARS.   So long that I have inherited some of their hand-me-downs.   I just started going myself a couple of years ago.  It started as lamps but now includes furniture, art, and decor.

I usually just take some of my vintage lamps to have them rewired.   They do it on the spot for around $10.  Then you can buy finials, bases, and shades separately.  The shades are pretty cheap and I do not just mean the price.  Anywhere from $5 to $20 but also cheap on the quality spectrum.  I end up getting some cheapies to tide me over until I splurge to buy what I really want.  And then, those cheapie shades just continue to hang out for a few years.  Because after a few months, who really cares anyway?

Here some pics from last years excursion.



You can take your own lamp bases there or purchase one of theirs.   Then you pick your base, finials,  and shades.  And they can make ANYTHING into a lamp.  There is a guy there onsite to drill holes into statues, pots, ginger jars, etc.  Ir's really fun to see what crazy stuff people come up with.

Last year I took this lamp that I had purchased somewhere? for $5.  I paid $3 for the finial, $2 for the base, $5 for the shade and think I paid around $16 to have it completely rewired.  Under $30 for a lamp is not too bad in my opinion.


The early bird definitely gets the worm.  Two very stylish young fellows got there early to camp out at 6:30.  The sale didn't start until 8:00 and it was freezing.  It would have taken a bomb and someone holding me at gunpoint to get me there that early.

They scored these great lamps for under $50 each.  I took a pic because you know how I like to torture myself with missed opportunities.


I really contemplated buying these guys but passed since my real problem is that I have no tables to place said lamps.  But they were about $40 each if I recall correctly.

And remember these?  We got a lot of Instagram action on these elephants.  I think they were $16 for the pair, maybe.  I was bored by this point and could not bring myself to stand in line for the purchase.

There will be lots of ceramics.  Ginger jars last year out the wazzoo.

If you decide to go just a few words of advice:

And don't take kids or you get this face after an hour:

Have a definite game plan and someone to help you edit.  You can easily get overwhelmed and end up with a bunch of garbage without the bargain ticket price.

If you are rewiring any vintage lamps, hang on to the original harps.  Two years ago they threw out a square mid century harp and I didn't realize the new harp didn't work with my original shade until I got home and it was too late.  Still kicking myself for that one. 

I still can't decide if I want to go this year.  You know I hate to miss a bargain!  If you decide to go. hit me up and give me your feedback!   This is a really popular sale with interior designers.  Here is the actual link to the Bulluck's site with more teaser pics.

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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Luxe Lounge

Luxe Lounge

Luxe Lounge by roguevintage featuring a modern tufted ottoman

I was recently contacted by Chairish and asked to create a styleboard around one of their current colorful rugs.  They have an amazing selection of vintage rugs to help define areas, add texture, or in this case provide a big pop of color.  Since I have been dubbed "Colorgirl" by a long time friend, I certainly felt I was up for the challenge.

My favorite of all the rugs was a great Missoni octagonal rug with vibrant pinks and purples.  From there I added in a Milo Baughman leather lounger that I am DYING to have, a fab Sciolari chandelier, Jonathan Adler floor lamp, and velvet ottoman.  Then I was stuck.  

Nothing was quite working out until I found this great chrome etagere.  If you follow us on Instagram you may remember that I ran across this exact one last summer.  What I didn't tell you was that it was $60.  Yes, you read that correctly....$60, $60!!!$60!!!!  And, no I didn't buy it.  Because for some reason I was not in the mood to be bothered with hitching a trailer to my ride that day.  I mean, it was complicated...I was hours away, picking up my kids from Grandma's house, the car was full, it was 100 degrees, I had to get back to town for L Shape Lot at Airlie.  Yada, yada, freaking yada.  Yes, I kick myself to this day.  This is what is called buyers remorse in it's purest form.  Much like the brass antelope bookends styled on said etagere that I once passed up for $18 because I thought no one else would buy them and they would be reduced the next week.  Cause, you know- $18 is just too steep to pay for such a thing!?! 

Do you see where this post is going?  Do you?  It is my badge of shame for shopping stupidity.  It is to serve as my reminder that in some cases it is absolutely OK to buy first and think later.  Especially since I now have put together the perfect room, down to the accessories.  In lieu of wearing a giant scarlet "DA" on my chest, I will just refer back to this post on occasion to remind me of how great my living room could look.  And how on some days, even though it is complicated, I should just hitch the damn trailer. Or even better- shop on Chairish where they ship (no hitching involved) and offer returns (for when your husband yells at you).  And definitely follow us on IG cause you never know what I will find.

Til Next Time

Modern lamp

Missoni home rug

Deco Czech Cocktail Set

Solid brass bookend

Pink home decor

Southwest home decor

Home decor

White accent chair

Modern tufted ottoman

Jonathan Adler

Friday, November 28, 2014

Christmas 2014 Wish List

It's that time of year when some very serious shopping is going to go down.  To help take the guesswork out of gifting I have compiled a list of my current favorite things.  Just direct the man in your life to this post and you will not be disappointed come Christmas morning.  

The limited edition Lips and Boys mini clutch size lipstick collection by Tom Ford.  It has 50 shades all named after men in Mr. Ford's life that he loves and admires.  It is only available online from November 28- December 1st and then again on December 26th.  I mean, Tom Ford, just oooooozes sex appeal and who wouldn't feel like a sex kitten when someone asks "What's that lipstick you're wearing?"......"Oh this?  Tomas."  RRRRrrrrr.

Ali Ro Lined Anorak.  I have this in black and it is my everyday go-to from November to March.  It has a light fleece lining so it's great for chilly and rainy days. I would take it in navy, stone, cobalt, and any other color they decided to produce. Four years running and it's still a WINNER.

Macrame Wall Hanging just for a little boho and color pop.  

Prada Vela Crossbody bag.  My husband surprised me with this in black for our anniversary.  I had one in lavender and I.WORE.IT.OUT.  I have used no other bag since I received it in September.  I may run around town looking like a worn out hag in my work out gear but, please!  Don't mess with me- I'm wearing Prada (somewhere).

Egyptian motif charm bracelet.  The colors are great and the style is so classic.  Charm bracelets give that "well traveled" vibe and who doesn't like to hear the light jingle of jewelry?  Chairish just introduced their jewelry category a few weeks ago and it is a great resource for vintage pieces. 

Pretty Glasses are always appreciated.  They elevate your cocktails and make you feel tres fancy.  
The Hour has an amazing collection of cocktail glasses and serving pieces. Lots of unique shapes and sizes that are no longer produced, many with 22k gold and sterling silver elements.

And most importantly, all of these items are just a click away.  No traffic, no parking, no lines.  

Till Next Time,

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Life of a Dress

One of the greatest things about the vintage business is having the opportunity to give a piece of clothing a new life.  For someone to clean, store and lovingly keep a garment for 40 plus years, through all of life's changes in age, size, and style it must have been a piece that was so near and dear to someone's heart that they just could not bear to get rid of it.  A garment that evoked memories of a wonderful past just with a glance of fabric.

When I think about the pieces in my closet that I would not dare part with, they all have a special place in my life.  The silk cardigan I wore when I got engaged in Bryant Park, my gold leather mini skirt (YES!!!) from the first clothing line that I ever represented, my first piece of costume jewelry- a Coro amethyst rhinestone necklace that was gifted to me almost 20 years ago.  They all bring back such great memories. 

I still kick myself for giving away the dress that I wore the day I picked out my wedding China.  It said so much about ME that is still true today.  The dress was a Trina Turk watercolor floral dress dripping with color and trimmed in black.  I have carefully considered asking the person that I gave it to four years ago if she still has it, but I don't want to come off as completely crazy.  Instead I occasionally search Ebay to see if I can get my hands on one just for the fabric.  Because, you day my daughter will really care to see the "fabric frame-of-mind" I was in when I picked out my Herend Oriental Bouquet in emerald green.   Now I am letting you in on just how obsessively neurotic I truly am.

Anyway, the gist of this post is really about the life of a garment.   We are particularly drawn to party pieces.  I just love to imagine the event that this magnificent 50 year old beaded cocktail dress was worn to, how the lady wore her hair, did she opt for gloves, did that little tear in the hem come from hours of dancing?    I could dream up an entire Hollywood scenario a la Copacabana proportions.  

It is really, really hard for us to let some things go.  Some pieces have such rich fabric and intricate bead work that just simply IS NOT MADE today.  We may have a piece for an extended time frame and I absolutely refuse to reduce the price.  I pull my hair and kick and scream that "NO! NO! NO!  It is too good to put on sale!"   And we hold on to "her" and then one day, she finds a new home and perhaps a new life.

We picked up this 60's beaded gown almost two years ago on one of our first buying trips to Florida.  It had a nice heavy weight to the satin and the combination of bead work and sequins over lame was just something you don't see anymore.  Everyone loved it at all of our shopping parties but it was teeny tiny and didn't work size wise for most.

A few weeks ago, "she" finally found a new home with The Cat's Meow in Midland, Texas.  Many may be more well acquainted with the store's owner- Mr. Steven Porterfield who is often seen on Antiques Roadshow as an appraiser.  Mr. Porterfield has a 4000 square foot store selling vintage clothing, jewelry and textiles to collectors, museums, fashion and film industries.  

*Photos courtesy of Antique Elegance

We hope that through him, our little dress will have the chance to live again and maybe even take one more twirl on the dance floor.

Till Next Time,

Thursday, May 2, 2013

To Ombre or not to Ombre?

Ombre.  A word that if you were not familiar with a couple of years ago you are more than acquainted with now.  You are besties.

A couple of weekends ago, my dear husband helped me mark one off my bucket list and took me to the world famous Greenbrier Resort in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia.  I took well over 400 pictures and will probably make you nauseous from all of the impending posts that are sure to follow.  Hold tight- they ARE on the way.

I took a decorating class conducted by none other than Carleton Varney, himself- master of color, decorator extraordinaire.  They had just installed new ombre drapes in the Cameo ballroom a few days prior and they were FAB.  I have cruised the web and don't think there are any photos of them out there just yet.  

Here is what they looked like before...

*Photo courtesy of Carleton Varney

It was amazing to walk the halls of such a historical place with the man who has personally decorated it for over 50 years.  Truly, a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

I have been itching to add a little ombre to my life.  Not in the extreme hair dying sort of way.  Been there, done that.  But more in the painting sort of way.  I have been in love with Designers Guild's Saraille Wallpaper in Acacia since last year. 

 I LURV it but those panels are for sure not in my budget.  

My doorways are in no way so grand but I secretly think (and hope and pray) the color will transform my living room.  Just trying to get the guts up to attempt the paint job myself.  I am expecting full disaster since I am not much of a DIY-er or painter for that matter.  

What do you think?  To ombre or not to ombre?  That is the current question.

Till Next Time,