Monday, January 28, 2013

Broyhill Brasilia

Recently we had the chance to acquire a phenomenal bedroom suit.   Jennings and I both loved the clean lines and unique design that this set offered.  Jennings immediately wanted the double dresser to use in her house.  I was fanatical about the door chest for my son's room.  It made me sweat.

True to form we bought first and thought later.  Promptly after paying we asked, "So how are we gonna move this stuff?".  We quickly realized that a pregnant Jennings, plus skeptical Tricia, and back of a Land Cruiser did not equal a moving team.  We were forced to call for reinforcements.  Enter Sam, JD, and an unanticipated extra long lunch break for the boys.

After researching the set we are even more excited about our find!  The set was manufactured by Broyhill in the early 60s and is super collectible.  The Brasilia line premiered at the 1962 Seattle World fair and was based on the architecture of the newly developed city of Brasilia, Brazil.  The clean lines and simplicity epitomize mid century modern style.

Here is the door chest that I am OBsessed with.  It has two large bottom drawers, four small drawers in the upper chest and three shelves.  I have a similar one in my daughter's room and just adore the small drawers.  They are perfect for children's, socks, undies, and smaller seasonal things like swimsuits or hats and gloves.

This one sold previously on V&M.

 Here is our chest.  Same one!  

And just LOOK at my drawers.....

Jennings' Pick

The wood is so beautiful on this set that I just don't think I could bring myself to paint it.  Or could I?  The folks at Danish Modern LA  lacquered this version of Jennings' dresser and sold it promptly.

A reader over at Casa Sugar did this version in the reverse.

I don't know...I am usually game to slap a coat of enamel paint on anything but I think these beauties are best left as is.  I mean that walnut is GORG.  And the dovetailing....the brass hardware.  Don't get me started!

During our research we have been in contact with the amazing folks over at Brasilia Connection.  They have been buying and selling Brasilia pieces exclusively for years and were kind enough to provide us with the linesheet for the original Brasilia division.  There is a room divider that is just SICK.

For the full Brasilia brochure click HERE.  

Our set includes the double dresser, nightstand, queen/full headboard and my coveted tall chest.

For additional pics  and dimensions visit Rogue Vintage.  

Since we are in the business of selling (as our husbands so kindly like to remind us), we have priced the set to sell.  Of course, there is a limited time frame for availability.  The more it sits in storage the more we want it for ourselves.  Move quickly on this one before we start re-decorating.  We would be more than happy to keep it!

Till Next Time, 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Trina Turk Facelift

Can I get a "Whoop!  Whoop!"?  Happy 2013 to all of our friends, family and fans!  We have been noticeably absent from the blogging arena for the last month, who are we kidding- two months.  Writing that first blog post after a long break is akin to getting back in the saddle.  Not so much filled with apprehension  but more like, well...sheer DREAD.  Blogging is like pulling teeth for me.  I always have LOTS to say but putting it on paper is another story.

I have promised Jennings for three days now to do a blog post on a recent super exciting acquisition of RV.  Alas, that post will have to wait until tomorrow because it has been trumped this morning by a PHENOM delivery that I am just dying to share!

So for those who don't know me well, let me just say that my typical taste is ummm, not exactly of the bargain price variety.  However, being a stay-at-home Mom to two kids and a Great Dane who consumes more food than I do, I have certainly learned to think outside of the box budget wise.  The only thing I love more than a fab designer piece is a unique (cheap) piece that you can transform into something spectacular.  So here is my dynamic re-do.

I picked these chairs up two summers ago at a church yard sale for $10 each.  They were pretty disgusting but I loved the shape.  I think they were probably old office chairs that had been stored in a basement for 40 plus years.  Geez.  I wonder what confessions have been made in these puppies.

After many attempts at sanding the black paint off the legs myself, I convinced my husband to break out his sander.  Lesson learned quickly.  Why bust it yourself while you have
A.  a husband
B.  a husband with tools?

The legs were bare in no time and I just added a fresh coat of white enamel paint.

The upholstery left much to be desired.  It was a dusty and mildewed old blue and black vinyl.  It had to go!  It did leave me with the great idea to upholster the arm with vinyl trim, though.  I mean I have two kids and a dog.  That thing MUST have a wipe-ability factor of 10.

When we moved into this house 3 years ago I had ordered fabric samples of Trina Turk's indoor/outdoor line for F. Schumacher.  I got it from a design firm in Chicago who, at the time, had the best price around at $60 per yard.  Everywhere else it was $90 per yard and up.

Super Paradise (Left) and Pisces (Right) both in Driftwood were my absolute faves.  I was going through a grey and yellow moment.  

You can view the entire line of Trina Turk fabric online HERE.  I didn't end up buying any fabric then- let's just say it takes a village and a few years to put my plans into action.  Anyway, you know I did a straight up happy dance when both fabrics showed up in a local fabric shop for just $7.99 a yard.  Uh, yeah.  I'll take some of that.  Ten yards of each to be exact.  I had no idea what I was going to do with it but, PLEASE!!! It was almost free.

So after having the chairs for  a year and a half and the fabric for a year I finally made a pledge to use them both.  I got my new chairs this morning- freshly re-upholstered at break-neck speed.  I almost passed out as they were coming up the sidewalk.  

Inside in Super Paradise

 Back in Pisces

Pattern Detail at Leg

Side View

Oh, I'm sorry.  And I have TWO.  Now just scroll back through this post while mentally listening to "Play" a la Jennifer Lopez circa 2001.  

Oh, hell.  HERE you go.  

Now imagine that I paid $20 for the chairs, $120 each for upholstery and $7.99 for a few yards of fabric.  Less than $160 each for custom chairs.  That's right.  Take it low one time.  That's the kind of dancing I've been doing around here today. 

Till Next Time,