Friday, August 31, 2012

Cheat Sheet to Healthy Drinking Called into Question

So the big story of the day on R29 appears to feature tips on "healthy drinking".  Hmmm.  Let's just go ahead and pick this one apart.  Why not after all?  It is 4:00 PM on Friday and while I don't have my first drink in hand yet, I would bet the farm that it will be cozily nestled between my two palms by 5:00.


1.  DON'T DRINK ON AN EMPTY STOMACH.  They deter from doing this because 20% of alcohol immediately finds its way into your bloodstream prompting you to get snockered ASAP.  Let's be real here- isn't that kind of the point?  If not we would all just drink chocolate milk.

2.  CLEAR AND DARK ALCOHOL ARE CALORIE EQUALS.  No need to choose one over the other. Hell, why not mix them all.  One Long Island Ice Tea please- hold the sour.

3.  WHAT MATTERS IS THE MIXERS.  The real calorie killer is juice, coke, graham cracker rim, chocolate drizzles, etc.  So truly, why bother with the frill?  Just drink straight out of the bottle.

4.  SIZE MATTERS, TOO.  Self explanatory.  This pertains to all things in life.  Diamonds, bank accounts, cocks and tails...OOPS!  Did I just type that?  My apologies.  CLEARLY I meant cocktails.  You get the picture.

5.  BE WARY OF SO CALLED "LO-CAL" COCKTAILS.  I don't like to hang with skinny bitches and I sure don't like to drink them.  No offense to my compadres.  We just like to keep it REALZ!

6.  DRINK A DRINK YOU DON'T LOVE.  Well that is just stupid.  The philosophy is that by doing so you will not be tempted to overindulge.  If that applied to all things there would be more miserable folks than you could shake a stick at.  Why don't you have sex with someone who repulses you so that you want to vomit at the mere thought?  Or work somewhere you hate so you would be inclined to call in sick every day? Or better yet, buy clothes that make you look like you have a huge ass so that you won't buy clothes anymore.  Ludicrous.

7.  WINE MIGHT BE YOUR BEST OPTION.  Sorry.  I never got the memo that it wasn't ALWAYS the best option.

8.  THE BEST MIXERS ARE SELTZER, FRUIT, AND DIET SODA.  If you have killed too many brain cells to comprehend that I have already addressed this, please revisit Point #3.


Well, my dearies I am now going to hook you up with one of the Rogue Vintage summertime staples.  It is simple, cold, and always a hit.  It does come with a warning: you will be spending the bulk of your party at the blender.  Enjoy.

Mix one 12oz. can of  frozen Minute Maid Limeade, 12oz. of Light Rum, a handful of fresh mint, and ice.  Blend and pour, baby.  Blend and pour.

Happy Labor Day weekend all!.  

Till Next Time, 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mad Men Mixology 101

Today we continue our shameless promotion of barware with a cart that would make Don Draper smile.  We have yet to snag a set of Don's classic Dorothy Thorpe roly poly glasses but this silver ombre highball set will do just fine.  We were running like mad to dodge the rain so not all of our eye candy made it to the cart.  We did get the basics- vodka, gin, amazing glasses, and a little mid century feathered flair.

While Season 5 of Mad Men was in full swing earlier this summer we made it our mission to whip up some of the mid century cocktails that we had somehow never tried.  Is that really possible? A cocktail WE have never tried?  Needless to say we were up for the challenge.  We didn't get in over our heads and got started with a simple Manhattan and Tom Collins.

                      Manhattan Recipe                                                 Tom Collins Recipe                                                

While the drinks were tasty they definitely needed a little sprucing up.  Looking at the photos of the straw in the Collins glass truly makes us cringe.  Our kids drink milk with those for Pete's sake!  We have seen tons of pics of cutesy straws on blogs recently and today they popped up again- but this time at $3.99 for 50.  The shipping was also a truly affordable $2.00.  We purchased the red, black, hot pink, turquoise, orange, and mint.  We hereby pledge that our cocktails will never don generic straws again!

Just look at all of the colors!

Get yours ASAP at Simple Addiction before they are all gone.

We hope that we have sparked a desire to create a truly unique beverage partaking experience.  We are also open to any invitations to test out the goods.

Till Next Time,
Tricia and Jennings

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bar Cart Mania

We introduced some of our fun decorative home objects on the blog yesterday.  We actually took lots of photos of items on both a bar cart and bar cabinet.  After all, you can't seem to open the cover of a home decor mag or read a blog without one of the two being on the page somewhere.  And anyone who knows us knows that we do love to partake of a drink so why not do it in high style?

Here are a few more photos to put you in the mood to dress up your home.  We were actually running like mad to dodge the impending downpour to get these pics.  Needless to say not a lot of time was spent styling but that just goes to show that 5 minutes and a few good objects really go a long way.


Ethnic Head Vases

This fish bowl was purchased at Homegoods for about $7.  I have sort of an obsession with them as of late.  I think I have purchased 5 recently and rescued one from a garbage bin.  My intentions are to make terrariums for my bookcases but they obviously can serve double duty as a vase.


The finished product looks pretty great!  Oh, and the bar cart was purchased for $30 and painted with turquoise spray paint.  Not too shabby.  We hope that we have inspired you to dress up an area in your home.  Stay tuned for more pics throughout the week.

Till Next Time,
Tricia and Jennings

Monday, August 20, 2012

Sunday Funday

Why begin brunch with bellini's when you get tipsy with tequila?  A little salt around the rim, the tart bite of lime and a cold cerveza chaser.  Throw in a some tunes from your favorite summer play list and your weekend rolls on through the late afternoon.  While we must bid adieu to summer in a few weeks we don't have to say goodbye to the sun, fun and most importantly....cocktails!  One of the perks of living in Wilmington is that we are poolside and beach bound with drinks in hand at least until October.  

While we have had our share of summer fun we have been quite the bad girls.  No blog posts, requisite Facebook updates, or shopping parties. No, we didn't drown in a sea of vintage duds while diving into someone's closet.  No we didn't finally have a heart attack when we stumbled across that "special something".  We have just taken a little time to enjoy the last few months with our families and friends. But the whip has cracked and it's back to work!

Between our trips to the beach, barbecues and spray tans we did manage to squeeze in a few shopping trips.  We know- the sacrifice!  Through lots of diligence and digging we managed to procure an amazing assortment of fabulous vintage home goods.  We are SO excited to add these trinkets and treasures to the site!!!  There is a little something for everyone to dress up a bookcase, bar cart or mantle.  Have you been looking for a super cool mid century light fixture?  We may just have one for you- if you can pry it out of our tightly clenched hands.  

We will be posting pics all week of our fabulous home finds.  Get it while you can.  If it hangs out too long it may just find a home in our homes.

Till Next Time,
Tricia and Jennings