Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mad Men Photo Shoot

As everyone knows by now, Rogue Vintage has the pleasure of participating in the Mad Men Returns Premiere Party tomorrow night.  The event is hosted by Land Rover Cape Fear and Jess James of "Fashion Fix".  It will take place on Thursday the 29th from 6 until 9 at the Courtyard Marriott.  You can purchase your tickets online HERE .  We will have a booth set up featuring some of our clothing and jewelry so please stop by to say "hello"!

We decided to have some fun a couple of weeks ago and take some mid century inspired pics at the Courtyard Marriott venue.  Although she has not properly been introduced, our friend/intern/photographer/modeling wench, Virginia Terry, was kind enough to pose for us.  Somehow, (and we don't even want to know the bribe involved) Virginia coerced her sister, Allie, into modeling as well.  And on their spring break no less!  At least the girls' parents are thanking us from keeping them out of wet t-shirt contests that day.  As if!!!

We called up Elisha at Blush HOB and she set the girls up for "teasers", or as we like to call them "fluffs", with Pat and Tess.  Virginia and Allie arrived at Blush with only foundation for make-up and then the transformations began.  The girls are already beautiful but it really was amazing how the Blush team made them into mid century vixens right before our eyes.

Here are some pics from Blush.  Virginia and Allie have also been kind enough to allow us to post their before shots.  What angels!


Pat began working his wonders on hair.  It was almost sickening to watch how easy he makes it all look.  If we even attempted those styles at home we would need someone to cut a round brush out of our hair.

So bummed that we didn't get a pic of the teasing required for this bun.  It was awesome!

Then Tess began with make-up.  We wanted a definite cat eye and neutral lip for  Virginia.  We went with more of a Hollywood glamour look on Allie with the red lip and waves.  We must admit that we were a bit lax with our prep work for the styling but when we arrived that morning Elisha &Co. had already pulled several ideas for us to choose from.  Girls, when in doubt- always leave it to the experts!

Less than 40 minutes later for hair and make up, both of the girls were all done!  We love the finished looks.

Thanks to Pat and Tess for all of their hard work!  We highly recommend booking an appointment there for a TEASER if you have any upcoming events or even if you just want to look extra special the next time you have drinks with the girls or a date with the boy.

Here are a couple of our favorite pics from the shoot that day.

For more of our Mad Men inspired pics check out the Mad Men Album on our Facebook page.  Hope to see everyone tomorrow night!

Till Next Time,
Tricia and Jennings

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pisces Style

This month's Pisces is compassionate, imaginative and magnetic.  Born February 20th to March 20th she floats through the world wearing rose colored glasses.  Symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions, Lady Pisces often struggles to make decisions or commit.  Just as the fish, you never know what direction Pisces style will take.  Ruled by Neptune, god of the sea, this water sign often favors jewelry made of pearls, seashells, or coral.  Fluid gowns with timeless appeal keep true to Pisces' dreamy romantic nature.

PISCES SYMBOL:  The Fish (two, swimming in opposite directions)
GEMSTONE:  Aquamarine
LOOK:  Enchanted Angel
BEST COLORS:  Sea green, lilac, aqua- PASTELS!
FABRICS:  Silk and satin
STYLE STAPLES:  Blouses with ruffles or flutter sleeves, cashmere sweaters
STEP IT UP:  Dramatic draping, caftans, nautical inspired looks
DIAL IT DOWN:  Turtlenecks, fleeces, overly structured pieces

*For more on your zodiac style visit My Lifetime

There is no greater testament to the compassionate and romantic spirit of Pisces than the late, great, legendary Elizabeth Taylor.

There are just too many gorgeous photos of her to pick a mere three.  For more, take a peek at this compilation from BuzzFeed .

In the early 90's Taylor developed various lines of costume jewelry inspired by her films as well as by pieces from her own collection.  We love this Pisces themed demi-parure.  No doubt a nod to her zodiac.

This vintage wiggle dress is swimming in Pisces worthy pastels.

For more Pisces style, visit Rogue Vintage and browse our Nautical Trend .  We even have great summer caftans  that would get the approval of Liz herself!

Till Next Time,
Tricia and Jennings