Friday, November 23, 2012

Small Business Saturday

In honor of Small Business Saturday, we thought we would take this opportunity to highlight a few of our favorite locally owned establishments in the Wilmington area.

 I recently had the opportunity to work on a fundraiser for my daughter's elementary school.  Our theme for her class raffle was based on two key words- LOCAL and GREEN.  It was really fantastic to see the number of environmentally conscious businesses in the area.  Anything from soaps and fair trade coffee to worms and apples.

What I enjoyed most was getting out and about and meeting local business owners who were both making a positive impact on our community and who were so readily willing to donate to a local school.  I got the warm fuzzies and just wanted to brag about their awesomeness  a little more.

Robert and Rory from Re-Eco.  Everyone has seen this little store on Oleander, near Tidal Creek, and I  just bet you have wondered what they have in there.  Lots of goodies- that's what.  Check them out.  You won't regret the stop.

Amazing Re-Eco Terrariums.  I have a just a teensie weensie obsession with these as of late.  I loved the birds but my son was partial to the dinosaur one.  Duh.

Really cool mid century style lamps with authentic fiberglass shades.  They also have an awesome pair of vintage emerald green lamps that I am dying to get.  They are not pictured because I am selfishly pseudo-hoarding them for myself.  Maybe Santa is taking note.

Margaret Shelton of Shelton Herb Farm.  She was kind enough to allow me to wander aimlessly on her farm for well over an hour taking photos, stalking her dog, Holly, and being a general nuisance to her chickens.  For a girl who can kill a Jade plant by looking at it, this place full of life is delightful.

 Progressive Gardens  generously donated a super squirmy worm farm for our kindergarten raffle.  It was  by far the biggest attention grabber for the kids and what a great hands on approach to teach them the value of composting and gardening.  Give them a shout for all of your gardening needs.

My  helper stopped to pose in between tormenting Tucker the dog and ransacking the grow tents.

Matt and Danielle from Progressive Gardens.  They were CRAZY nice.  Matt even supplied me with a giant bucket of worms for the worm farm.  

Gina with Feast Down East.  If you don't know about Feast Down East or one of the other options for produce delivery then do a little research and sign up today!  Do your grocery shopping online and have fresh local produce delivered to one of their convenient drop off locations.  In doing so you get seasonal produce and most importantly support local farm owners.  WIN + WIN.

Max and  April, the owners of  The Veggie Wagon in Carolina Beach.  I don't know about the folks on your holiday list but a little wine and a gift certificate for oysters would definitely make my Christmas merry and bright.  They even provide you with recipes to go along with your produce orders.  How great!

If you have not yet heard of GRUB  then crawl out from under your rock and purchase some coconut oil ASAP.  If you are wanting to get on track with your nutrition, GRUB offers a variety of classes on gluten-free cooking, kitchen basics, and private in home cooking demonstrations.  There is even a fab 21 day sugar-free challenge that my 3 year old should start last year.

Ryanna at a Tidal Creek demonstration.

Here is a view of our final raffle prize.  Over $1100 of gift certificates, produce, herbs, organic tees and other green goodies all donated by local small business owners.  A good haul that went to one very happy family.

The best thing to remember about Small Business Saturday is the PEOPLE.  The people who you are directly supporting with your purchases, not some big box company.  Now go out and see some of these smiling faces.

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

80s Neon