Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Danger of This Business want EVERYTHING for yourself.  Sometimes I see things and know that they are good, but it doesn't quite hit me how good until I get them home.  

I don't buy anything without picturing how someone will wear it or in the case of decor,  where it will fit into someone's house.  I guess subconsciously I really picture how everything will fit into my home.  I want these for my home VERY badly.

 Just look at them in my liquor cabinet!

 (No comments on how empty my liquor bottles are.  Hey, it is the end of the weekend!)

The colors are perfect if not in my cabinet then somewhere else in the house.  And I am SO not a ginger jar kind of girl.   The only problem is that I may have to off Jennings over a couple of stupid ceramic jars.  I know that she secretly wants them too!

Till Next Time,