Friday, March 29, 2013

The Eclectic Grand Opening

Just in case you have somehow missed all of our Facebook pics and Instagrams I thought I would get in your face just one more time via Blogger and let you know that we are brick and mortar, baby!  Well, more like brick and linoleum.  At any rate, RV recently decided to open a booth at the newly reopened and revitalized The Eclectic Etc. on Castle Street in downtown Wilmington.

Our storage was a little...ahem....cramped, to say the least.  And as much fun as it is to stalk all of our loyal customers by dropping off their web purchases via car pool and play dates, we also thought this would give our locals a chance to browse some of the merchandise at their convenience.  The booth is far from being done to our satisfaction (hello, temporary graphic and FAB wallpaper!) but we are open for business.

Currently we have a large selection of our jewelry, housewares and some truly cool furniture pieces at really sick prices.  No room for the rags but if there is clothing you see on the site we will be happy to drop the pieces off in the booth for you to check it out in person.  

Saturday, March 30th the store is having their Grand Opening party.  We will be there with bells on for wine, jazz, and chatter.  Stop by and see us!

Here are a few of my top picks from other vendors at the store:

Really ridiculous bar stools in blue vinyl and silver chrome

An amazing assortment of Tiki glasses for your summer party 

Cool retro lights for extra 60s ambiance

Metallic marbelized lamp

Great dresser with gold hardware

And AN incredible yellow velvet chair.  Sadly there is only one.  There had been a pair but someone decided to break my heart earlier this week and purchase but one of the two.  WHY!?!  WHY!?!  WHY!?!   If you are the offender don't dare fess up to me.  I may rip your arms off and beat you with them.  Then go to your home and steal your new yellow chair while you are having your appendages surgically reattached.  

No, I'm not bitter at all.

Till Next Time,