Thursday, January 1, 2015

Luxe Lounge

Luxe Lounge

Luxe Lounge by roguevintage featuring a modern tufted ottoman

I was recently contacted by Chairish and asked to create a styleboard around one of their current colorful rugs.  They have an amazing selection of vintage rugs to help define areas, add texture, or in this case provide a big pop of color.  Since I have been dubbed "Colorgirl" by a long time friend, I certainly felt I was up for the challenge.

My favorite of all the rugs was a great Missoni octagonal rug with vibrant pinks and purples.  From there I added in a Milo Baughman leather lounger that I am DYING to have, a fab Sciolari chandelier, Jonathan Adler floor lamp, and velvet ottoman.  Then I was stuck.  

Nothing was quite working out until I found this great chrome etagere.  If you follow us on Instagram you may remember that I ran across this exact one last summer.  What I didn't tell you was that it was $60.  Yes, you read that correctly....$60, $60!!!$60!!!!  And, no I didn't buy it.  Because for some reason I was not in the mood to be bothered with hitching a trailer to my ride that day.  I mean, it was complicated...I was hours away, picking up my kids from Grandma's house, the car was full, it was 100 degrees, I had to get back to town for L Shape Lot at Airlie.  Yada, yada, freaking yada.  Yes, I kick myself to this day.  This is what is called buyers remorse in it's purest form.  Much like the brass antelope bookends styled on said etagere that I once passed up for $18 because I thought no one else would buy them and they would be reduced the next week.  Cause, you know- $18 is just too steep to pay for such a thing!?! 

Do you see where this post is going?  Do you?  It is my badge of shame for shopping stupidity.  It is to serve as my reminder that in some cases it is absolutely OK to buy first and think later.  Especially since I now have put together the perfect room, down to the accessories.  In lieu of wearing a giant scarlet "DA" on my chest, I will just refer back to this post on occasion to remind me of how great my living room could look.  And how on some days, even though it is complicated, I should just hitch the damn trailer. Or even better- shop on Chairish where they ship (no hitching involved) and offer returns (for when your husband yells at you).  And definitely follow us on IG cause you never know what I will find.

Til Next Time

Modern lamp

Missoni home rug

Deco Czech Cocktail Set

Solid brass bookend

Pink home decor

Southwest home decor

Home decor

White accent chair

Modern tufted ottoman

Jonathan Adler

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