Friday, January 23, 2015

Bulluck's Winter Sale

Ever heard of Bulluck's lamp sale?   My mom and aunt have been going to this event for YEARS.   So long that I have inherited some of their hand-me-downs.   I just started going myself a couple of years ago.  It started as lamps but now includes furniture, art, and decor.

I usually just take some of my vintage lamps to have them rewired.   They do it on the spot for around $10.  Then you can buy finials, bases, and shades separately.  The shades are pretty cheap and I do not just mean the price.  Anywhere from $5 to $20 but also cheap on the quality spectrum.  I end up getting some cheapies to tide me over until I splurge to buy what I really want.  And then, those cheapie shades just continue to hang out for a few years.  Because after a few months, who really cares anyway?

Here some pics from last years excursion.



You can take your own lamp bases there or purchase one of theirs.   Then you pick your base, finials,  and shades.  And they can make ANYTHING into a lamp.  There is a guy there onsite to drill holes into statues, pots, ginger jars, etc.  Ir's really fun to see what crazy stuff people come up with.

Last year I took this lamp that I had purchased somewhere? for $5.  I paid $3 for the finial, $2 for the base, $5 for the shade and think I paid around $16 to have it completely rewired.  Under $30 for a lamp is not too bad in my opinion.


The early bird definitely gets the worm.  Two very stylish young fellows got there early to camp out at 6:30.  The sale didn't start until 8:00 and it was freezing.  It would have taken a bomb and someone holding me at gunpoint to get me there that early.

They scored these great lamps for under $50 each.  I took a pic because you know how I like to torture myself with missed opportunities.


I really contemplated buying these guys but passed since my real problem is that I have no tables to place said lamps.  But they were about $40 each if I recall correctly.

And remember these?  We got a lot of Instagram action on these elephants.  I think they were $16 for the pair, maybe.  I was bored by this point and could not bring myself to stand in line for the purchase.

There will be lots of ceramics.  Ginger jars last year out the wazzoo.

If you decide to go just a few words of advice:

And don't take kids or you get this face after an hour:

Have a definite game plan and someone to help you edit.  You can easily get overwhelmed and end up with a bunch of garbage without the bargain ticket price.

If you are rewiring any vintage lamps, hang on to the original harps.  Two years ago they threw out a square mid century harp and I didn't realize the new harp didn't work with my original shade until I got home and it was too late.  Still kicking myself for that one. 

I still can't decide if I want to go this year.  You know I hate to miss a bargain!  If you decide to go. hit me up and give me your feedback!   This is a really popular sale with interior designers.  Here is the actual link to the Bulluck's site with more teaser pics.

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